Terms Of Services

1. What is KIRIM.EMAIL?

KIRIM.EMAIL email marketing service provider that will help you keep in touch with your subscribers who have requested to be on their mailing list.

By clicking the button to subscribe to the Service you (“you” or the “Customer”) accept these Terms of Service and undertake to use the Service in compliance with the provisions of this document.

If you do not agree with any of the provisions of this document, you may not subscribe to and use the Service.

KIRIM.EMAIL reserves the right to reject your subscription request with or without any reason if according to KIRIM.EMAIL you are in violation of any applicable rules or harm to other parties inside and outside of KIRIM.EMAIL.

2. Service


Under the Service KIRIM.EMAIL provide you with:

  • an access to a web-based platform in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model with tools for building, managing and hosting your mailing list.
  • an ability to send emails to thousands of your email contacts according to the plan you ordered.
  • Customer service
  • Forums and Learning Service with KIRIM.EMAIL


In order to use the service, you will get an account to use KIRIM.EMAIL. The account will be used by anyone who has your account login information.

The account you registered is the account you will use to send email to your subscribers or email list. Make sure before you register so you will not make any email changes.

You have a responsibility to maintain access to your KIRIM.EMAIL account. You are responsible for all activities of your account including the use of more than one person’s usage.

3. Pre-Selection

To maintain a good usage environment at KIRIM.EMAIL, therefore KIRIM.EMAIL applies the user selection process.

  • The user selection process is applied to the first user KIRIM.EMAIL after making a payment and confirmation.
  • User selection means that not all users of the subscription package KIRIM.EMAIL can use KIRIM.EMAIL.
  • There are several internal criteria KIRIM.EMAIL specifies that a user can be a KIRIM.EMAIL user.
  • There are two results of user selection, namely accepted and rejected.
  • If the user is declared accepted, then the user can use all KIRIM.EMAIL features.
  • If the user is declared rejected, then the user cannot use KIRIM.EMAIL, and of course the payment that has been made by the user will be returned within 2×24 hours.

4. Use of the Service

After payment complete, your account will be active. That means you  agree to:

4.1. General Usage

  • Read & understand KIRIM.EMAIL Terms of Uses.
  • Use KIRIM.EMAIL services just for your business related things.
  • Keep your account access in secret.
  • You must have a business email address with your domain as an email sender.
  • You agree to receive our offer about product and service of KIRIM.EMAIL.
  • Maximum email sender is three email account.
  • To use a single opt-in form you can request it manually.
  • KIRIM.EMAIL only have a double opt-in form feature by default.
  • You are not allowed to change your subscription package to lower than your current package. Example: From Annually to 3 Months.

4.2 Application Usage

  • You are just allowed to send something which is you have the right to send that to use and published on the Internet.
  • You are just allowed to import email database with those emails owner approvement only.
  • You are just allowed to import at email addresses & must be active for last a year into your KIRIM.EMAIL account.
  • You are not allowed to trade your KIRIM.EMAIL account to anyone for any reason.
  • If we found incongruity data, and our system will stop the import process, even your account will be suspended, and you can’t claim to refund.
  • You are not allowed to create KIRIM.EMAIL account with Yahoo & Hotmail email address.
  • You are not allowed to send an email with Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail as an email sender.
  • To use Google Sheet Integration feature, you have to reset integration every 30 days to make the integration process running smoothly.
  • Email address with these usernames cannot be added as subscribers because it will be a trigger to make your broadcast email dropped to the spam box. There is emails you cannot add to be subsribers: ‘abuse@’, ‘accounting@’, ‘admin@’, ‘admissions@’, ‘all@’, ‘billing@’, ‘booking@’, ‘careers@’, ‘contact@’, ‘contact-us@’, ‘corp@’, ‘customerservice@’, ‘custserv@’, ‘editor@’, ‘everyone@’, ‘finance@’, ‘feedback@’, ‘ftp@’, ‘info@’, ‘information@’, ‘investorrelations@’, ‘jobs@’, ‘help@’, ‘helpdesk@’, ‘hostmaster@’, ‘mail@’, ‘marketing@’, ‘media@’, ‘news@’, ‘noc@’, ‘no-reply@’, ‘noreply@’, ‘office@’, ‘ops@’, ‘postmaster@’, ‘privacy@’, ‘remove@’, ‘request@’, ‘resumes@’, ‘root@’, ‘sales@’, ‘security@’, ‘spam@’, ‘subscribe@’, ‘support@’, ‘test@’, ‘usenet@’, ‘users@’, ‘uucp@’, ‘webmaster@’, ‘www@’
  • You are not allowed to disguise, confess, or falsify identity as another party/institution.
  • You are not allowed to claim that you are have affiliations with other parties without having official supporting documents.
  • You are just allowed to use sender name if you meet KIRIM.EMAIL criteria:
    • Business Brand: Example: Adidas, Nike.
    • Institution/organization/company name, example: Alphabet Inc, etc.
    • Department of a company: KIRIM.EMAIL support, Mitsubishi Sales,
    • A personal name from a department of a company. Example: Dion from KIRIM.EMAIL.
    • Characteristic of an email campaign. Example: Tech In Asia Deals.
    • Popular character or stage name, like Alan Walker, DJs from Mars.

We strongly recommend you to use your real and detail address to meet our criteria, for example:

KIRIM.EMAIL – Transparent and Honest Email Marketing Services

Wisma Monex lt. 9, Jl. Asia Afrika 133-137 Bandung 40112, Jawa Barat – Indonesia


4.3 Automated Database Clearance

  • KIRIM.EMAIL will do user’s database clearance automatically without any notification before.
  • Database clearance is users email address clearance but they never interact with users, like open emails. Because of that, KIRIM.EMAIL will clear that database at specific times.

4.4 Automatic Database Cleansing Activity

  • KIRIM.EMAIL will automatically clear the user database without prior notice.
  • What we do is cleaning email addresses that are owned by you as the user but have never interacted with you as the user, such as opening an email address. Therefore, KIRIM.EMAIL will delete databases like this within a certain period of time.

4.5 KIRIM.EMAIL Membership Expiration

  • We will send you a reminder email that aims to remind you that the active period of your account at KIRIM.EMAIL will end soon.
  • Reminder email will sent starting from:
    • 1 month before it ends.
    • 7 days before it ends.
    • 3 days before it ends.
    • 2 days before it ends.
    • 1 days before it ends.
    • D-Day (the last day of membership)
    • 1 days after it ends.
    • 2 days after it ends.
  • If within 4 months your account remains inactive, our system will automatically delete all data in your account, including the email database and all other data.

5. Payments

You are obliged to pay in due time all fees for the use of the Service according to the pricing option you have chosen. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual subscription.

Invoice or a bill will be generated automatically every month when it is approaching a period expired.

If you exceed the Subscribers List Size you purchased, the following rules will apply:

  • You can upgrade the Plan by paying the price difference from your current subscription plan with the active period until the old plan is completed.
  • You can upgrade the package by paying the full amount of the Subscription Plan you selected for the active period starting from KIRIM.EMAIL activates your account.

We reserve the right to change the fees for the service and add-ons at any time by posting a new price list.

6. Prohibited practices and content

In order to use Kirim.Email there are limits to your use and content :

  • You are not allowed to send emails on behalf of other companies without permission.
  • You are not Allowed to do a Spamming activity. Spamming, or the sending of unsolicited email, using an email address, URL that is maintained on a KIRIM.EMAIL Systems machine, or directing traffic to a webpage that contains any reference to KIRIM.EMAIL Systems is STRICTLY prohibited. KIRIM.EMAIL Systems will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision. This action WILL RESULT in immediate termination of your account without refund. Subscriber will also be in violation of the KIRIM.EMAIL Systems Service Agreement and subject to legal action.
  • You are not allowed to transfer ownership of your account for any reason.
  • If spam and bounce rate exceed 2%, your account will be suspended automatically without prior notification from KIRIM.EMAIL>
  • You are not allowed from subscribing under the number of email databases that you have and rigging the system by importing and then deleting the database constantly, with the intention of using it as a broadcast email only.
  • You are not allowed to add an email contact that does not have permission from having an email address.
  • You are not allowed to provide material you receive in the Forum to anyone and anywhere without the permission of the KIRIM.EMAIL maintainers.
  • You are not allowed to sending content that offends SARA.
  • You are not allowed to delivering content that smells of gambling and fraud or scamming activity.
  • You are not allowed to delivering content about crypto exchange.
  • You are not allowed to sending content that smells threat or violence.
  • You are not allowed to delivering content about stock and/or trading , or anything about stock and trading.
  • You are not allowed to sending content adult or pornographic content.
  • You are prohibited from sending content that contains money game activities
  • and content that is inconsistent with religion and morals and that violates any applicable law in Indonesia or your country.

7. Content

  • KIRIM.EMAIL has the right to see users sent email content when it needed without any permission from the user. Example: When SPAM investigation.
  • KIRIM.EMAIL has the right to use sent user email content to commercial stuffs with user permission. Example: User email screenshot for tutorials.

8. Customer Service

KIRIM.EMAIL provides you with customer service through KIRIM.EMAIL Forum to discuss together and via email. Any problems KIRIM.EMAIL will try to reply less than 12 hours on weekdays.

The services of KIRIM.EMAIL customers related to other complaints and services are carried out during business hours, namely 09.00 WIB until 17.00 WIB

9. Closing Account

You can request KIRIM.EMAIL to close your account and make sure that all your data is saved and nothing is left behind at KIRIM.EMAIL

In addition, if you do not make a payment when your lifetime is up, you will not be able to access your KIRIM.EMAIL account.

Make sure you know when your validity period is up and do periodic storage. If your expiration expires, your data will be lost.

10. Privacy

All data you enter into KIRIM.EMAIL is the responsibility of KIRIM.EMAIL to keep it up. KIRIM.EMAIL will not sell your data to anyone.

KIRIM.EMAIL try your best to keep your data safe, but KIRIM.EMAIL does not guarantee your data. There is no impenetrable security system.

Please backup your data periodically.

Violations of the Term of Service may result in the closure of your account without prior notice.

Term of Service may change at any time without prior notice.