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Secure & Private Business Email For Enterprise

Encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free

Storage starts from 1 TB

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Secure & encrypt your company’s email communications with Emailkerja!

Indonesian Server-Based

Based in Indonesia, we strictly follow to global standards for email security and privacy.

Encryption at Rest

Store your company’s emails on Emailkerja servers in an encrypted format.

Encryption in Transit

Encrypt email traffics between your device and the server using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.


Encrypt the message itself using top-notch security.

Two Factor Authentication

Give an extra layer of security to your account every time you log in on a phone or computer you don't recognize.


Set up a DMARC policy in Emailkerja and protect your domain from being abused by trespassers.

Spam Filtering

Protect your emails from spammers and filter 95% of spam emails with Emailkerja's Anti-spam.

Malware Detection

Automatically scan received email attachments & bounced them when malware is detected.

Automatic Backup

Automatically back up your emails, so you don't lose any critical data of your company.

Contact & Calender​

Keep your events private with encrypted calendar & contact integration.

Email Group

Reply to emails and discuss it with your group emails to keep everyone in the loop.

Bulk Provisioning

Add and delete mailboxes in bulk at once.

is supported by KIRIM.EMAIL

Email infrastructure for internet business

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The Backbone of Email Sending Activity

Starting from solopreneurs, SMEs, non-profit organizations, educational institutions to multinational companies, use KIRIM.EMAIL for email sending activities.



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On-Premise Installation Available!​

We have an on-premise option for you if your company wants Emailkerja installed on your company server.​

Private. Secure. Encrypted.

Storage starts from 1 TB

On-Premise Installation Available!

Need 69 GB up to 899 GB of storage?