Forward your email campaign to your Multiple Telegram Channels with just a few clicks. No need copy paste!

Reach More People

Reach and engage more people on Email and Telegram at once. Increase your conversion rate with just a few clicks.

Not Just Text

Double your traffic to your website everytime you make an email campaign. You can send image and link, and it will be posted as native Telegram chat bubble.

Easy Yearly Subscription

Feel free to send unlimited broadcast to Telegram. No complicated billing!  

Display Natively

You can choose to format your email natively to Telegram chat bubble, or to forward it as it is in your email.

Edit It Before Forward It

You can edit, restructure the paragraph, event adding a new message before forwarding your email to Telegram.

How it works?

1. Create New Broadcast

Create new email broadcast that contains text, link, and image. 

2. Select Telegram Channel

You can select multiple Telegram Channel at once

3. Convert to Telegram Chat Bubble

The magic starts here. All you need to do is just a few clicks and your email content, automatically convert into Telegram chat bubble. 

4. Decide When to Send

You can choose to send campaign now or schedule it.

For more detail, you can see the video demo below!

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Telegram Add-On

$ 32,89 / Year

  • Free Subscription Bonus of KIRIM.EMAIL for 1000 Contacts/Month
  • If you have more than 1000 Contacts, you get 50% discount for KIRIM.EMAIL monthly plan

Common Questions 
for Telegram Add-On Feature on KIRIM.EMAIL


KIRIM.EMAIL is email marketing services designed for simplicity and will not get in the way of your business. Currently, we are the largest email marketing company in Indonesia, with more than 10.000 users.

What is Telegram Channel?

Telegram Channels are a tool for broadcasting public messages to large audiences. In fact, a channel can have an unlimited number of subscribers. When you post in a channel, the message is signed with the channel's name and photo and not your own.

Can I use KIRIM.EMAIL Telegram add-on with Telegram Groups or Supergroups?

No, you can't. This feature is only for Telegram Channels, at least for now.

Can I use it for multiple Telegram Channels?

Yes, you can! You can add as many Telegram Channels as you like. You can choose which email that goes for which channels. Alternatively, you can also forward one email to multiple channels at once.

How much is it?

It's $ 32,89/ year for Telegram add-on feature, and you also got free KIRIM.EMAIL subscription for one month. You can use it for up to 1000 email contacts. You can use the Telegram add-on only if you have an active KIRIM.EMAIL subscription plan.

If you already have more than 1000 contacts, you will get 50% discount, click here to go to the KIRIM.EMAIL pricing plan.

I didn't use Telegram Channel very much, need the email marketing only. Can I do that?

Of course, you can use KIRIM.EMAIL without Telegram add-on, and when you change your mind, you can purchase it later. To use KIRIM.EMAIL you can create your account in here

Is KIRIM.EMAIL for people like me? 

Of course, it is! If you can send email, you can use KIRIM.EMAIL, it's that simple. No extra features that get in the way of your customer.

Can I send as much email as I like?

Yes, we don't count the number of emails that you send. Send as many emails that you need.

What if someone subscribes more than once with the same email, do I have to pay more?

What? No, that's horrible. Why pay more for duplicate emails? Did someone do that to you? With KIRIM.EMAIL you only pay per email contact, not subscribers. So, if by any reasons somebody subscribes say 19 times with the same email, we still count as one contact.

We believe duplicate emails are good emails. It means someone willing to subscribe over and over again to your business. It's a sign that she's a customer that gives you great values. 

What if I reach my contact limit in the middle of the month and outgrow my plan?

Congratulations! It means your business is doing great! We will send you a friendly email notification to upgrade your plan. We will not charge you more without your permission.

You can manage your account anytime from your membership page. 

KIRIM.EMAIL is good, but it's not for me. Can I get a refund?

Awww... What happened? If you think KIRIM.EMAIL is not for you; you can ask for a refund any time within the first 30-days after you sign up for an account.
Just send us an email, we will cancel your account immediately. Please let us know what could've we done better in your email. 

I have more question, can I talk to someone? 

Sure, send us an email (, and we'll get you in touch with the right person on our team.

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