Increase Your Facebook Ads Profits with Email Marketing

Retargeting Ads More Targeted and Segmented with Facebook Pixel and KIRIM.EMAIL Integration. 

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KIRIM.EMAIL is Match with Facebook Ads

100% Integrated With Facebook Ads

Integration With Facebook Pixel

 Install Facebook Pixel in every email that you send. Your subscriber activity on those emails will be recorded as Facebook Pixel Event

Facebook Custom Audience Sync

Email Data List Automatically Sync with Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook Lead Ads Sync

Email Leads from Facebook Lead Ads automatically sync with your email list, without need to use additional software or apps.

5 Ways How KIRIM.EMAIL Can Raise Your Facebook Ads Profit Faster

  • Integrate Facebook Pixel and KIRIM.EMAIL with one easy step. Including integration to KIRIM.EMAIL Landing Page Builder.
    • KIRIM.EMAIL can track your subscriber email activity (open, click, dan unsubscribe) with Facebook Pixel Event, complete with Event Parameter so that retargeting ads will be more targeted and segmented.
    • Facebook Custom Audience Sync for email database synchronization to Custom Audience.
    • 100% integrated with Facebook Lead Ads to increase the number of email subscriber faster. 
    • The higher the open rate of email broadcast, the more often your  Facebook Pixel Anda triggered so Facebook will better recognize your customers.

"Combining Facebook and Email Marketing will increase people's chances of buying up to 22%"

Source :  Facebook Research Data IQ

That means, someone will be more likely to buy from you, if they have seen ads on Facebook and Email Marketing from you at the same time, compered to just seeing ads on Facebook only without Email Marketing from you.

From the above conclusions, Facebook itself has recommended you, as a Facebook Advertiser, to combine Facebook with Email Marketing. 

If your place to advertise is Facebook, already recommend it, why do not you do??

Retargeting Ads More Segmented

Install Facebook Pixel on every email that you send so your sebscriber activity on the email will be recorded as a complete Facebook Pixel Event along with Parameter Event. The more often your subscriber opens an email, then your Facebook Pixel will be more often triggered.

  • KirimEmailView : Event for  the person who opened the mail
  • KirimEmailUnsubscribeView : Event for people who almost unsubscribe from email list
  • KirimEmailUnsubscribeSubmit : Event for people who have unsubscribe from email list

Example of usage: 

  • Retargeting Ads to people who open email but have not made a purchase (Purchase)
  • Retargeting Ads to People who open email but have never visited a product page (View Content)
  • And many more.

Featured Features :

Facebook Pixel Integration

Email List Automatically Sync With Custom Audience

Featured Feature :

Facebook Custom Audience Sync

With Facebook Custom Audience Sync feature, you do not have to bother manually uploading your email list to Custom Audience. Your email list automatically Sync with Custom Audience. 

Example of Usage : 

  • Use it to create Custome Audience from your buyer's email and then create retargeting ads so they will buy again from you.
  • Custome Audience from your buyer's email, you can also create Lookalike Audience to find new buyers from your product or for scale up campaign.
  • And many more

Get Emails Buyer Directly From Facebook Without a Website

With Facebook Lead Ads, You can get emails buyer directly from Facebook without a website. The results of email leads automatically sync with your email list in KIRIM.EMAIL without need to use additional software/applications. The advantages of Facebook Lead Ads are as follows.

  • No need for website or landing page
  • All processes happens within the Facebook Mobile App so the user does not need to exit the application.
  • The user's email address is automatically filled in so there is no need to type again and just "tap" the smartphone screen.

Examples of Usage : 

  • Use Facebook Lead Ads to get more email leads and cheaper
  • Create Custom Audience from email leads results of Facebook Lead Ads, then you are retargeting with website conversion ads (purchase)
  • And many more

Featured Features :

Facebook Lead Ads Sync

The Facebook Advertiser Expert Have Believed To KIRIM.EMAIL

User Testimoni

 Nofi Bayu Darmawan​​​​

 Facebook Advertiser Expert and Founder Kampung Marketer 

User Testimoni

​Agan Khalid​​​​

 Facebook Advertiser Expert

Testimoni Agan Khalid



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Increase Your Facebook Ads Profits With KIRIM.EMAIL

More than 8000++ users already sign up here. Now, it's your turn! 

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Take Advantage of Other Featured Features


Drag & Drop Email Builder

Make Your Promotional Emails more Beautiful, Elegant and Professional


Landing Page Builder

High Conversion Landing Page Design and Integrated with Facebook Pixel


Contact Data Segment

Group your customer contact data by behavior


Integration with Zapier

Connect with Zapier which has more than 750++ apps


Integration with YuBi Pro

Make Lead and Buyer YubiBisnis Pro Store into Customer Contact Data Automatically


Import Contact Data

Import Your Customer Contact Data Very Easily 

And many other features. 
Every Month, new features will always update to make your profit of Facebook Ads getting up. 

Increase Your Facebook Ads Success with KIRIM.EMAIL

More Than 8000++ businesses already sign up here. Now, It's Your Turn!

Get Free Access to videos training "How to Get Your First 1000 emails in 11 Days"

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