Email marketing
for people who love writing email.

Less features, more business

We believe, any marketing tools shouldn't get in the way of doing business. That's why there's nothing to learn in KIRIM.EMAIL. If you can send email, you can use KIRIM.EMAIL. It's that simple.

Email like it's 1978!

The goal of email marketing is never about sending beautiful email, but it's about communicating, building trust, and delivering value to your people. Stop wasting your time thinking how beautiful your email should be, focus on writing something that people love to read. 

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Your Facebook Ads Campaign's Soulmate

We believe that Facebook Ads and email marketing are a match made in heaven. You can get cheap, and high quality leads with Facebook or Instagram ads with ease.

KIRIM.EMAIL is one of the first email marketing services that able to synchronize your leads from Facebook Lead Generation campaign directly, without third-party apps or plugins. Sync your Facebook Page inside KIRIM.EMAIL dashboard and you're done. You don't need a website to start generating leads.

Pay for what you use.

Sent unlimited email, no extra money for email sent. Pay for contact, NOT subcsribers. Buy for advance features ONLY if you needed it. Easy and transparent.

(A.K.A. your data is save with us)

Amanah means "fulfilling or upholding trust." We're not selling your data anywhere. Why would we? We already got your money when you use our services, and we don't need to sell it to another third party services. All of your data is save with us, InsyaAllah.

Ready to create your first email ?