Sync Your Customer Contacts From Google Forms & Google Sheets Automatically & Increase Your Repeat Order

You can sync your customer contacs directly from Google Sheet without
any third party apps with KIRIM.EMAIL

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Create a Survey & Collect Email Addresses With Google Forms

Create survey & give them instant feedback automatically via email!  Sync & Put them on your email marketing campaign & automate your sales funnel with email marketing.

Sync Your Existing Customer Contacts From Google Sheets

Got your existing customer Contacts stored in Google Sheets? Just sync it and send them emails immediately. It just takes 5 minutes! Increase your repeat order.

Create A Simple Registration Form

Create a Simple webinar & event registration form, No third-party app needed. Sync & automate your registration process with email marketing.

Send Automated Email Sequences

Create an email sequence to inform your audiences about your products, your business or the solution of your audience’s problem.

Email Marketing Campaign Directly From Gsuite

All of these features also work seamlessly with Gsuite. Collaborate with your team. Sync the customer’s data and start sending emails. It’s that easy!

Supercharge Google Forms & Google Sheets and Increase Your Business Conversion