Fewer features, less price. No email sending limit. Pay only the numbers of contact that you have, NOT subscribers. Yes, it means you don't have to pay extra for duplicate contacts. 

Monthly Plan Suitable for beginners

starting from$ 10.89 /Month
  • The most affordable price
  • Suitable for you who just started learning email marketing
  • Suitable for you who want to start broadcasting emails to your customers every day
  • Ideal for startups or business that still has low cash flow
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Annual Plan Our Recommended Packages

Save Your Money Up to $ 330 Only Pay 10 Months (2 Month Discount)
  • You can save your money until $ 330 in each year so your business finances become healthier
  • Suitable for those of you who are serious about building DIGITAL ASSETS for your business
  • In our experience, KIRIM.EMAIL annual plan users tend to be more successful in increasing their business turnover because they have enough time to build customer trust
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Quarterly Plan Our Favorite Plan

Starting From$ 29,95 /Quarter It's like you only pay 33 cent / day
  • Ease of mind, you will get less reminder to extend your plan
  • Suitable for business that already have a structured marketing strategy and wants to build a medium-term promotions
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Common Questions

Is KIRIM.EMAIL for people like me? 

Of course, it is! If you can send email, you can use KIRIM.EMAIL, it's that simple. No extra features that get in the way of your customer.

Can I send as much email as I like? 

Yes, we didn't count the number of emails that you send. Send as many emails that you need.

What if someone subscribes more than once with the same email, do I have to pay more?

What? No, that's horrible. Why pay more for duplicate emails? Did someone do that to you? With KIRIM.EMAIL you only pay per email contact, not subscribers. So, if by any reasons somebody subscribes say 19 times with the same email, we still count as one contact.

We believe duplicate emails are good emails. It means someone willing to subscribe over and over again to your business. It's a sign that she's a customers that gives you great values.

What if I reach my contact limit in the middle of the month and outgrow my plan?

Congratulations! It means your business is doing great! We will send you a friendly email notification to upgrade your plan. We will not charge you more without your permission.

You can manage your account anytime from your membership page.

KIRIM.EMAIL is good, but it's not for me. Can I get a refund?

Awww... What happened? If you think KIRIM.EMAIL is not for you; you can ask for a refund any time within the first 30-days after you sign up for an account. 

Just send us an email, we will cancel your account immediately.

Please let us know what could've we done better in your email.

I have more question, can I talk to someone? 

Sure, send us an email (, and we'll get you in touch with the right person on our team.