In KIRIM.EMAIL, we believe that we shouldn't get in the way of your business. That's why we stripped down all unnecessary feature that will get in the way between you and your customer. The goal of email marketing is never about sending beautiful email, but it's about building a long-term healthy relationship with your customer. Take control of your customers, don't be a victim of the so-called algorithm that holding you back from talking to them. It's your customers, take it, it's yours.

Easy 3 step email broadcast

We believe that beautiful email templates are hurting your business. Largest email newsletter like The Skimm, Hacker Newsletter, The Journal, 5 Bullet Friday, etc., doesn't use beautiful email templates. Instead, they focus on the essential thing: content. That's why you should focus and great content and stop wasting your time designing a beautiful email that doesn't get open and read. No time waster drag n' drop email builder.

Markdown supported editor.

Write fluently with Markdown, focus your writing in distraction-free editor.

Many ways to grow your list

You can embed opt-in form, integrate it with hundreds of popular services in Zapier, sync directly to Facebook Lead Ads and Google Sheet, or you can even build your list using Instagram! (Coming soon). Focus on where your people are, and we'll be there for you to get the right leads!

Just Enough Automation

In KIRIM.EMAIL, we encourage you to write your email and sent them frequently to built trust in your people. But, just in case you need email automation, our email autoresponder and advance email automation feature (sold separately as an add-on feature) will be ready for you. It's still so easy, so you can focus on writing great content and deliver automatically.

Bring Your Team

You can add up to 3 people on a single account so you can let your team in without sharing your password. You can choose to give your team a full access, or limiting them from exporting your email lists.

Ready to create your first email ?