KIRIM.EMAIL For Culinary Business (Cafe dan Restaurant)

You as a Culinary Business Owner who sells products offline, in context the buyer should come to your place to buy, will usually face the challenge of competing with online food and beverage sellers.

KIRIM.EMAIL has an effective solution to combine your culinary business offline with online promotion using email marketing to compate with online food and beverage sellers.

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Communicate with Online Buyers

With Broadcast Feature

With Broadcast Feature you can send emailsto thousands of your buyers that contain:

  • Voucher Discount for your old buyers or to get new buyer
  • The latest menu list
  • Special Promo Program
  • Your cafe and restaurant membership system to build loyalty
  • Ucapan selamat di hari tertentu, misal Ramadhan, Idul Fitri, dan sebagainya

Promotional Email Design More Elegant and Professional

With Drag and Drop Email Builder Features

Drag and Drop Email Builder Feature can help you to design a more elegant and professional promotional emails.

  • Responsive Email Display so can adjust to the size of the smartphone screen.
  • Equipped with UTM Link Tracking Feature for integration with Google Analytics so your campaigns can be measured for success. 
  • Social Share Button Feature so your email content can be shared and can be viral in social media.
  • Featured Embed Youtube Video unto show your youtube video in email. You can create a promotional video then upload it on Youtube and that video is installed as email content
  • Easy to use so you do not need any more tutorials to create an elegant and professional email design

Create Promotional Page Without Need of Website and Coding

With Landing Page Builder Features

Landing Page Builder Features dapatcan help you to create a Promotional Pages faster and easier. With this promotional page Halaman, you can use to collect your buyer's email address.

  • No Need to have a website
  • Without coding
  • No need to think about domain and hosting
  • Integrated with Facebook Pixel for tracking and optimizing your Facebook Ads
  • Example for use: Shortly before the buyer pays at the cashier, you can offer a discount voucher that is only sent via email, after your buyer enter the email on the promotion page that you have created.

Write Promotional Emails Once, Send it Many Times Automatically

With Autoresponder Feature

The Autoresponder Feature can help you to write an email once and send it many times automatically so it saves your energy and time.

  • Write a multiple emails with related content (Email Sequence). 
  • Let's say you wrote 5 emails. Then you can arrange for the email to be sent every day for the next 5 days after your buyers enter the email address on the promotion page that you have created with Landing Page Builder Features.
  • It's very effective to increase your buyer's loyalty to become a regular customer. You can set it in such a way that within period of time, your buyer comes again to your place.

Sign Up Now Before You Lost Your Old Buyer or Your Business Can Compete with Online Food and Baverage Sellers

More than 6000++ businesses already registered here. Now, It's Your Turn! 

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More Than 6000++ businesses has been using KIRIM.EMAIL

to manage their customers and boost their business profits significantly.

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Build Your Own Business Traffic Before You Lost Your Old Buyer or Your Business Can Compete with Online Food and Baverage Sellers

More than 6000++ businesses already registered here. Now, It's Your Turn!

"Get Free Access to videos training "How to Get Your First  1000 email database in 11 Days"

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You can take the package according to your business needs


Suitable For Beginners

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  • Suitable for those of you who want to start broadcasting emails to your customers everyday
  • Friendly to Your Business Cashflow


Package more efficient

Start from
$ 29,95 / Quarterly

  • You have enough time to NOT rush through the dozens of premium videos at KIRIM.EMAIL
  • No need to be afraid of forgetting to pay monthly renewal
  • Suitable for you who already have a structured strategy and want to build a medium term promortion


Simply Pay for 10 Months and You SAVE Up 

$ 21,78

  • The MOST SAFE Package for your business
  • Suitable for those of you who are serious about building DIGITAL ASSETS for your business
  • In our experience, KIRIM.EMAIL users who are yearly subscribers tend to be more successful in increasing their business turnover because they have more loyal customers

All Package Above Included:

  • Access to the KIRIM.EMAIL Forum where you can discuss and share questions about email marketing and autoresponders
  • Access to dozens of video tutorials, articles, case studies, webinars, as well as email marketing tips and tricks
  • Our prayers for your business more successful. Amin

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