Please Read Carefully!

All APIs in Kirim.Email is REST APIs. Meaning you need to set HTTP methods correctly to
consume certain resources.

HTTP methods that allowed is : GET,POST,PUT, and

Currently we only support the resource explained in this page. Others will be added when

API Token can be acquired Token menu under the Account Settings. If you feel your token is
compromised, please regenerate new token. Your old token, will be invalid after you got the
new one.

Your API token is separate entity from your password, and can’t be used to login as

Your Auth-Token header by default, will only be valid for 5 minutes.

For the example, we are showing you how to consume the API in PHP, using GuzzleHttp Client.

If you are using others package, please adjust. Let’s Start!

                                    use GuzzleHttp\Client;
                                    $client = new GuzzleHttp\Client(["base_uri"=>"https://aplikasi.kirim.email/api/v3/"]);
                                    //this is basic header, unless you fill this, it will always return Bad Request
                                    $time = time();
                                    $headers = [
                                        "Auth-Id" => "YOUR USERNAME",
                                        "Auth-Token" => hash_hmac("sha256",
                                                                  "YOUR USERNAME"."::"."YOUR API TOKEN"."::".$time,
                                                                  "YOUR API TOKEN")
                                        "Timestamp" => $time

Bad Request Example

                                        "code": 400,
                                        "status": "error",
                                        "message": "Malformed request"

If you don’t understand please use available integration, but, if you persistent, please seek some developer that may help you.